Gerald Koelsch, PhD

Vice President Neurobiology

Dr. Koelsch directs the early stage screening and profiling of beta-secretase inhibitors at the CoMentis Oklahoma City facility.

Dr. Koelsch joined Zapaq, a predecessor of CoMentis, as Director of Biochemistry in 2002. He has expertise in one of the primary drug targets of Alzheimer’s disease, BACE-1 (Beta-site of APP Cleaving Enzyme 1), and has been integral in the screening, lead optimization and development of BACE-1 inhibitors.

He earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. His experience in BACE-1 function, bioinformatics, and structural biology has led to invited lectures and presentations. During his academic career, Dr. Koelsch participated in seminal works on BACE-1 characterization, inhibition, structure, and proof-of-activity for BACE-1 inhibitors. He has more than 15 years academic and industrial experience with more than 30 papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.